Committee to Retain David Simpson


David Simpson is the experienced leader the Port of Everett needs. His calm demeanor and open mind will help us make the best decisions for our port and our home.

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Working To Make The Port Ever Better lovick-trenary In Diveristy And Strength Leaving No One Behind

I am running for re-election to ensure that Everett residents continue to see community benefits from their Port Commission. As Vice-President of the Commission, I’ve been proud to lead efforts to meet both economic and pandemic-related challenges. 

On my watch, we’ve guided our Port to be more competitive in the region, created family-wage jobs, generated revenue and ensured our environment is protected. 

The Port of Everett is well positioned for even more economic growth and recovery. I want to return as the Commissioner for District 1 to continue and build upon this work with a full six year term.